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A little about me.

I'm a 22 year old computer science graduate from the University of Kent, with a long running interest in Web design and Development. I've been working professionally as a web developer now for 3 years, though have been using HTML for over 10 and PHP for 7.

My favourite language at current is JavaScript, with which I recently created myself my very own snippeting engine (JSnip) complete with custom built animations. Additionally i also managed to make myself a fully playable browser based space shoot 'em up, which can be seen (and played) here.

My interested in computers sprang from seeing someone I knew creating a basic html website and wanting to be able to do the same. Soon after this, I hit up a load of online tutorials and quickly skilled myself up as a capable geek.

A breif overview of my work history.

2010-2011: Web Developer at the University of Kent. ( I currently work here.)
2009-2010: Web Applications Developer at Thomson Reuters.
2008-2009: Part Time Web Developer at the University of Kent.
2007-2008: Freelance web developer

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