PHP SharePoint Lists API release

A new version of my PHP SharePoint Lists API has now been released; the new version includes multiple bug fixes, optimisations and a number of new features.

The most notable new feature of the PHP SharePoint Lists API is the query method. The query function allows users to run complex query’s against sharepoint lists using an easy to follow and expressive SQL like syntax.

For example, using the query feature you can easily query a list of pets to return all items relating to dogs under 5, ordered by age.

$sp->query('list of pets')

“OR” querys can also be used, for example, if you wanted to return a list of 10 pets that were either cats or dogs, you might write:

$sp->query('list of pets')

The PHP SharePoint Lists API is available on Github and can be used for free in any projects you may wish (under the terms of the MIT Licence). You can download it directly by clicking here.