Demo 1 - Actual time.

The real time is: Sunday 14th of August 2022 02:16:49 PM.

If the above time does not match that of the "Loaded at" (section on the right) then this page was successfully requested via PJAX.

Currently this page is simply returning the full HTML version of itself rather than PJAX ready content, meaning smartLoad is being used to seamlessly extract only the required content.


The below button uses the pjax.invoke() method to load the home page (via PJAX if it is supported).

Loaded at:
Sunday 14th of August 2022 02:16:49 PM

Get the Source

PJAX-Standalone is licensed under the MIT License.

Install with bower:

bower install pjax-standalone

Full documentation for using PJAX-Standalone can be found in the github readme file.