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Focus is a useful skill. One I often feel I lack. The more I should be doing one thing, the more my brain wants to do something totally different. For example, I decided to sit down and try and  finish off a few more aspects of my main website: Instead I ended up installing, learning how to theme and themeing this WordPress Blog and creating a small porfilo site around it. Although on the bright side, it does give me somewhere to complain about these things.

The focus issue at late seems to be even worse, I have exams at uni, which in most peoples mind would warrant me putting my focus in to revising for them. Well, not me. The knowledge i should be doing revision, combines with my natural procrastination instincts to drive me to do, what is actually a pretty impressive amount of work, on something totally different and unrelated. The result this time being that I’ve started and made quite a big of progress in to developing and constructing a brand new open source project (Magic).

I originally managed to justify it to myself, by claiming it was obstensably revising for a dynamic web exam that was coming up, But thats now long gone and my developemnt pace hasn t slowed all to much. My justifcantion also seems signifcantly weeker concidering the upcoming exams are on interface design, C and algorthums.. But hey, in reality isnt writing this blog just futher procrstination? If thats the case, i must resign myself to the fact im doomed and by doing that successful judtify getting another revision of Magic out the door by tonight. Yay.