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PJAX-Standalone – Pushstate Ajax

PJAX or Pushstate AJAX is a fairly new twist on the traditional AJAX page loading idea, although unlike its predecessors PJAX takes advantage of the new Pushstate history API’s in order to provide it with real permalinks and history as opposed the the document.hash based hacks which the former has had to make do with.

The result is that its now possible to gain the performance boosts that AJAX page loading makes possible, across the majority of the major browsers (IE not included), without any fear of compromising backwards compatibility or the native behaviours of the browser (back button etc).

Unfortunately the main source of PJAX goodness is JQuery plugin ( jquery-pjax) meaning that those who favour alternative JavaScript frameworks – or even none at all – are left out in the cold.

To remedy this, I decided to create my own standalone implementation of PJAX (Which I insightfully named as PJAX-Standalone). Like its counterpart PJAX-standalone was designed to be highly customisable while at the same time, incredibly easy to get working. For many webpages nothing more than the addition of an ID to your content container and a single call to the PJAX-Standalone script is required.

For those who want more functionality a number of callbacks can also be set in addition to being able to invoke PJAX page loading programmatically as well.

You can see an example of the script in action on the PJAX-Standalone demo page.

Full details on how to use and configure PJAX-Standalone can be found on  Github.